Monday, April 3, 2017

Simulation Training Program in Teaneck NJ

The Institute for Simulation Learning at Holy Name Medical Center offers an authentic, immersive environment for healthcare professionals to develop safe, innovative and compassionate approaches to patient care.

Russell Berrie Foundation Trustees & Holy Name Staff

Simulation learning is the process of recreating real life medical scenarios for training purposes - to increase patient safety and help save lives.

To better serve the community, the institute will launch a Mobile Simulation Training Program in 2018.

Simulation Learning Controlled Environment Classroom

The addition of a mobile vehicle would increase access for schools, businesses and other community partners to Holy Name’s simulation training offerings.

With an extensive library of scenarios to train first responders, law enforcement, physicians, nurses and other providers, the ISL will offer point-of-service simulation training to improve teamwork, communication and patient safety.

What better place for teams to train than in their practice environment?