Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Power of One to Make A Difference

Giving is a journey that opens our hearts to humanity. We are transformed by encounters with visionaries who inspire us with their ability to transcend obstacles and create miracles.

True philanthropy goes beyond the ability to write a check. The power of one to make a difference, creating positive change by giving from our deepest self, bringing our own experiences to create solutions, is the essence of giving. Each act of generosity is unique because it speaks of who we are.

Bringing the best of our self to create a better world is a priceless gift that everyone has the power to give. In every community, there are everyday heroes who teach us by their example that giving is not about money but is the gift of time, energy and imagination. Time is free and therefore priceless yet in our busy lives it is often easier to just send a check than to participate actively in making change happen.

Every year at the Russ Berrie Making a Difference Awards I meet the most incredible human beings who bring this gift to life into the work they do.

2014 Russ Berrie Award for Malking a Difference,
top Winners and Semifinalists.