Thursday, October 13, 2016

Aging Fearlessly

We are living in an aging world, with 40.3 million Americans 65 years or older, expected to increase to 89 million by 2050. Population aging is changing societies on a global level, causing a wave of change fueled by this Silver Generation. 

As more seniors lead active lives, our philosophy of aging gracefully has shifted. 

The meaning of active aging became very personal when I turned 60. Looking at myself in the mirror, I decide to encounter time on my own terms, as an exercise in transcending fear - the fear of aging. 

Aging is scary. Facing aging with authenticity requires fearless surrender. I start by letting the gray set in, to my mother's great horror and my hairdresser's resistance. 

I embrace wellness by increasing the intensity of my workouts, adding mileage to my walks, being faithful to my meditation and yoga practice. Prioritizing how I use my time to live fully and passionately is a daily exercise to clear my plate so it reflects honestly what I want (and don't want) in my life. 

Aging fearlessly inspires me to try things I've never done before: archery, kintsugi (repairing ceramics to highlight cracks), and sound meditation. Going deeper to enrich every moment of life can only happen when I learn to let go, cultivating the inner space from which to manifest a wiser, stronger, braver, resilient self. 

Watching loved ones age is a closeup of our own mortality. We can confront our fear of death with cosmetic surgery, or we can create our own myths, inspired by immortal females who live audaciously, juicily and fearlessly. 

The best antidote to fear is connection, having Soul Sisters we laugh and cry with as we go through the cycle of life, sharing grace and wisdom as we face mortality together. 

Ageless Heroines